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Donations to the Rideau Institute are not tax deductible because of its strong advocacy work. If you wish to donate, make your cheque payable to the Rideau Institute on International Affairs, and mail it to the following address:

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The Rideau Institute Research Fund at Tides Canada Foundation (tax deductible)
The Rideau Institute has established the Rideau Institute Research Fund at Tides Canada Foundation to support peace and justice research and education projects intended to better inform decision makers, opinion leaders and the public about Canadian policy on national and international issues.

Donations to this fund are used to support qualified donees in Canada, aligned with the above purpose.


Make your online donation by clicking here. You will be directed to the donation page hosted by the Tides Canada Foundation.

Pulling together for Sustainable Common Security

Peter Langille, one of the Rideau Institute’s Senior Advisors, spoke recently at a conference with the intriguing title How to Save the World in a Hurry (30-31 May 2018, Toronto).  He brilliantly articulated the urgent need for a more comprehensive approach to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges and the case for “sustainable common security” as […]

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Making Canadian diplomacy smart and effective again

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Canada at a crossroads with its arms export policy

Professor Paul Rogers of Bradford University focuses his latest commentary on the power and pervasiveness of the “military-industrial-academic-bureaucratic complex”: At the ...