Holiday Greetings and a sneak preview of our work in 2018!

holidays-slider-1-2Warmest holiday greetings.

The Rideau Institute offices will close for the holidays at noon on Friday, 22nd December, re-opening on Tuesday, 2 January 2018. However, our indefatigable Office Manager, Sarah Bowles, will check in occasionally to make sure urgent matters do not go unattended.

There will be no new blog posts before the week of 2nd January 2018. We will continue to post on Facebook and Twitter, albeit at a much reduced pace.  (Zzzzzz)

2018 promises to be even busier than 2017. Here are some of our plans:

  • Issuing report cards on the Justin Trudeau government’s Foreign and Defence policies.


  • A new Rideau Institute Report on Arms Control Issues raised by the new Defence Policy. Click Cyber and Cdn Defence Policy for a preview chapter on why offensive cyber weapons are a very bad idea.


  • Relentless efforts to secure meaningful amendments to Bill C-47, the legislation on the Arms Trade Treaty, will continue. Click ATT- Report Bill C-47 for our ground breaking report on that Bill.


  • More opportunities to weigh in on nuclear disarmament and the landmark Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Click here for a link to the text and here for the extremely moving video of the speeches by Canadian Hiroshima survivor, Setsuko Thurlow, and ICAN Executive Director Beatrice Fihn on the occasion of their acceptance of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.


  • Relentless efforts to ensure the Trudeau government lives up to its promise to re-engage in UN peacekeeping. Click A UN Renaissance for a new publication including an article by RI President Peggy Mason.

And much, much more!

It is a tremendous privilege to be able to work with our dedicated, creative Rideau Institute team and especially our outstanding interns.  Special thanks to Vice-President (and founder) of the Rideau Institute Steve Staples as well as to the other valued members of  our Board of Directors.

“Our aim is always to provide both solid information and practical options for building sustainable global peace.”

And we cannot do any of this without your support! If you have not already done so and are able to help with a financial contribution, please click here to go directly to our donation page for charitable donations to our Rideau Institute Research Fund.  You can also contribute to our ongoing advocacy on foreign and defence policy by clicking here.

All the very best for 2018.

In gratitude and peace,


President of the Rideau Institute

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